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Symptoms of Diabetes – The Diabetic Symptoms

Symptoms of Diabetes – The Diabetic Symptoms

Do you show concerned about your health or the health of a loved one? Learn about the symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes as a disease is a state of health characterized by high level of blood sugar, known as “hyperglycemia”. The hormone insulin which is concealed by pancreas, controls the sugar metabolism of the body. The high blood sugar level is either as a result of fewer production of insulin or body’s resistance to insulin. By and large, there are 3 types of diabetes namely: diabetes Type 1, diabetes Type 2 and gestational diabetes.

The Type 1 diabetes occurs as a result of failure of insulin production by the body while diabetes Type 2 is occurs because of failure of the body to utilize the insulin. The Type 1 diabetes is as well known as juvenile diabetes, since it was previously believed that only the kids fall victim to this type of diabetes. Last one is gestational diabetes and it looks like the Type 2 diabetes and occurs in pregnant women at any time throughout the course of pregnancy. Learn from this article that environmental factors and hereditary are responsible for causing diabetes.

Let’s take a look at the symptoms of diabetes

Some symptoms of diabetes Type 1 and 2 are alike and the early diabetes symptoms are not so serious as many people overlooked it sometimes. As a result, people mostly neglect to diagnose diabetes in its initial stages. The symptoms varies from each diabetes type. Below are some of the commonly observed signs and symptoms of diabetes.

* Frequent Urination

* Increased in Thirst

* Increased Appetite

* Blurred Vision

* Increased Fatigue

* Weight Loss: The weight loss is as a result of too much loss of sugar and fluid because of polyuria.

Furthermore, glucose from the digested food does not get to the body cells. A victim of Type 1 diabetes loses weight more rapidly than a patient with other types of diabetes.

* Increased Infection and Slow Healing: The accurate cause for regular infection and slow healing among diabetes victims has not been proved yet. However, it is believed that the immune function of a diabetic patient is comparatively low as compared to a non-diabetic person. This may be due to presence of high sugar level in the blood, which in turn prevents the white blood cells from functioning as it should.

This diabetes of things are one of the common rigorous diseases in today’s generation. It is a very severe disease and should not overlooked. Although, diabetes can be treated by providing insulin externally but the good way to be free from diabetes is by natural means as it has little or no side effect. Also undergoing steady blood sugar and urine tests to know if you have diabetes is recommended. Those obsessed folks and those having diabetes in their family history should be more careful.

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