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Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) has various signs and symptoms. Having knowledge about the signs and symptoms of Diabetes would help in an early diagnosis of the disease so that immediate action can be taken to treat the same. The following are the different signs and symptoms of Diabetes:–

(a) Thirst:

Diabetes may cause an increased thirst. As the kidneys constantly take water from the blood to dilute and eliminate the extra glucose, one gets thirsty frequently.

(b) Frequent urination:

This is the most common symptom of Diabetes. It is caused due to the excess amount of Glucose in the kidneys. To eliminate the extra glucose, the kidneys draw water from the body which leads to frequent urination.

(c) Weight loss:

Diabetes may cause sudden weight loss. This is more prevalent in type 1 Diabetes. With type 1 Diabetes, the Beta cells of the Pancreas can not produce Insulin. Without Insulin, the body cells can not transform Glucose into energy. Due to this, the cells use the muscle and fat cells for energy which ultimately results in weight loss.

(d) Numbness and tiredness:

As the cells can not transform Glucose into energy, the body gets fatigued and tired. With the increase of the blood glucose levels, the nervous system may get damaged which may cause numbness of the body.

(e) Sores that do not heal easily:

Diabetes may cause sores, particularly on the feet, which are difficult to heal. The sores may be caused due to a decrease in the blood flow.

(f) Other signs and symptoms:

Other signs and symptoms of Diabetes may include blurred vision and dry and itchy skin. Your breathing may change and it may have a strange smell. You always feel weak and your body coordination may not be correct.

Look for the above signs and symptoms of Diabetes. If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

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