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Effective Treatment Procedures of Type 2 Diabetes

The pivotal aim in treating diabetes is to stop the increase of blood sugar without devastating decrease in glucose level. Diet is an important aspect of controlling elevated blood sugar in patients with diabetes.

However diabetes type 2 is a chronic and progressive disease that actually has no established cure. But there have some well-established treatments.

  • Monitoring of blood glucose: Blood glucose test is used to check the level of blood sugar. Regular testing tells you how well diet, exercise, and medication are working together to control diabetes. Maintaining a record book for every result of test will be beneficial for further reference.
  • Dieting: Diet planning comprises eating safe and healthy meals, eat. You must aim to eat a diet which contains less fat, high in fiber, and with plenty of starchy foods, fruit and vegetables.
  • Weight management: Losing some weight will help to reduce your blood glucose level. Everyone should obtain medical approval before starting an exercise program in order to decrease weight.
  • Physical activity: Physical exercise is pivotal for type 2 diabetic patients. Exercise helps to keep hold of the glucose in the hemoglobin. It also aids in burning the fats which are gratuitous and harmful for health. Choose an enjoyable physical activity that is appropriate for the current fitness level.
  • Medication: When you cannot achieve normal or near-normal blood glucose levels with diet and exercise, medication is added to the treatment plan. Your doctor will start you on oral (by mouth) medicines, such as: oral sulfonylurea, alpha-glucosidase inhibitors, thiazolidinediones and so on.
  • Insulin: Insulin injections also help in reduction of glucose. There are few with Type 2 diabetes who are in dire need of this wonder drug. This drug is especially helpful for those who cannot keep their glucose level at required level. Insulin is required corresponding to the glucose level. If it is high, then high amount of insulin is required. If you are advised to use insulin your doctor or practice nurse will give detailed advice on how and when to use it.

However, the treatment must remain in check as keeping glucose level in safe amount is necessary for maintaining perfect health. This is the reason that various portable instruments are available with the help of which you can easily check your glucose level. So those instruments are of great help for those who are suffering from diabetes. Stay safe with little precautionary measures!

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